One of the most exciting and interactive prom themes in South Carolina is the Casino Prom TheProm Casino Partyme. It will be different and a whole new atmosphere and it will be casino like. You can have your most memorable pictures take in Vegas style. How about an archway entry that looks like a deck of cards with kings and queens.

The tables are done with red or green table clothes and accented with white and/or black napkins.

Prom theme casino partyThe centerpieces would consist of cards, dice and/or poker chips. There will be small sequenced lighting throughout. Small spotlights will be used for the dance floor and to highlight any casino tables. All windows if any will be covered.

Non-alcoholic drinks will be served in high ball or martini glasses. Table games set up for play just no gambling and for fun and you can also be given a raffle ticket with a number and during the night might be picked at random for a prize.

You could dress like different suites on a deck of cards, for instance guys could be jokers, kings and girls aces and queens or just dress in casino colors. Most of all try to have fun cause you only graduate high school once.

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