Wedding trends and styles seem to be constantly evolving and today having casino games at your wedding reception is becoming more and more all the rage. Every year, more and more people are choosing to have casino games at their wedding reception.

Why should one have casino games at a Wedding Reception?

Casino games are inherently fun and quite entertaining. While the bride and groom are taking pictures why should the guestsWedding-Reception-Entertainment have to wait completely bored? Casino games keep guests excited while waiting for the bride and groom to arrive.

Casino games are not exclusionary to anyone. Both young children and adults can have fun together playing some casino games.

Not everyone dances and not everyone can dance. Maybe there are going to be people at your wedding that are older and are more sedentary. Casino games offer lively, fun entertainment to those who do not like to dance.

Whether it is Country/Western, Caribbean, Roaring Twenties, Riverboat or Mardi Gras, people are loving themes for their weddings. Casino games fit so perfectly into so many themes.

People who do not know each other often times need encouragement to interact with each other. At weddings usually the guests do not know each other and everyone may feel a little awkward but if you have casino games at your wedding reception it is going to encourage people to talk to each other and interact with each other in a fun way.

How many Casino Games are needed?

Generally only about 4 – 5 casino tables are needed for a wedding reception of 75 – 100 guests. Blackjack, Roulette and Poker are by far the most popular. Craps is also a good choice for larger receptions.

Rehearsal wedding casino partyDinner and Casino Games

Rehearsal dinners can often times be events that are a little stale and boring but more and more casino games are finding a home at rehearsal dinners as well.

Rehearsal dinners never have as many people as a wedding reception so generally only a couple tables are needed. A common choice for rehearsal dinners is one Blackjack table and one Roulette Table.

If you are looking for a way to bring some fun to your wedding rehearsal or reception, incorporating casino games will be sure to leave a smile on your guests face!

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