As you approach your 50th birthday, don’t see it as the halfway mark before reaching elderly status.

Think of this age as the opportunity to experience new adventures, meet new people and pass on hard won lessons to your children and grandchildren.

Here are some fabulous 50th birthday party ideas:

World Traveler Theme

If you love to travel, why not have a world traveler theme for the party. You can get specific and base the party on a certain region or country that you would like to visit one day.

If you’re having a Spain themed celebration, serve paella and traditional Spanish wines at the party.

Also feature traditional flamenco music along with current popular artists out of Spain.

Give guests party favor bags filled with small Spanish dictionaries, a small Spanish flag and a map of the regions within Spain.

Roller Skating Jam

If you and your friends are highly active and go roller-skating a lot, you can have the party at a local skating rink.

Have a contest where the person who can go around the rink a certain number of times without stopping gets a small prize. You can also have a contest for the guests who are the best dressed at the party.

Casino Game Night

Another option would be to have a casino game night. In addition to playing a few rounds of poker, you can rent a casino game table and play blackjack and Texas Hold ‘Em.

Some neat prize ideas include gift cards to retailers, spa kits for the women, or gift bags filled with treats.

In conclusion, these themes will keep the guests happy for hours.

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